5 Things You Must Know Before Your Denture Reline

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If your dentures are causing you discomfort, a denture reline can help relieve that pain and get you back to chewing, talking, and eating normally. 

Dentures are an excellent solution to tooth decay and many other oral health problems, but sometimes ill-fitting dentures might seem like more of a hassle than they’re worth. Poorly fitting dentures can lead to painful sores, inflammation, and infections.

A reline is a very common procedure that’s done on dentures roughly every 2 years to keep them fitting comfortably and functioning properly. Does a reline sound like something you need?

Here’s 5 things you need to know before you go in for your appointment.

  1. Denture Care is Important

Many people get frustrated with their dentures when they are waiting for a reline so they neglect caring for them. Don’t make this mistake! Dentures may not be “real teeth” but they still require regular maintenance. Brush and floss daily to keep your gums healthy and your dentures free from bacteria. Neglecting your dentures might lead to surprises at your denture reline appointment, and sometimes the whole set might need to be replaced. 

  1. You Shouldn’t Eat Before Your Appointment

You don’t need to go into your appointment fasting, but it is helpful to avoid food and drink for a few hours before you go in for your reline. Water or other clear, non-carbonated liquids are fine. Eating too close to your appointment can lead to extra denture cleaning and longer appointment times. 

  1. It Shouldn’t Be Painful

Denture relines are extremely common procedures and there shouldn’t be much pain involved. Try to relax and be sure to communicate any concerns to your doctor so you can have a pleasant experience with your mind at ease.

  1. There Are 3 Types of Denture Reline


The purpose of a reline is to readjust your dentures to increase comfort and ensure the best fit possible. This can be done in three different ways:


  • Soft Denture Reline – This uses a soft, pliable, non-irritating material to fit the denture to you.
  • Hard Denture Reline – Some of the hard plastic in the interior of the denture is replaced with a putty-like material that is used to make an impression of your gums. Then the dentures are sent to the lab to be formed into the new shape of your gums. 
  • Temporary Denture Reline – These are used when there’s excessive inflammation in the gums. A medicated material is used in the reline to reduce swelling, and once the gums are healthy again a hard or soft reline is done.


  1. You Can Use Over-The-Counter Pain Medication


A typical reline lasts 1-2 years. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort from your dentures, you should schedule a reline right away. While you wait, you can use over-the-counter pain medication to keep the inflammation at bay. A topical gel or cream can also help with pain relief. 


Mark’s Dentures Can Help

Here at Mark’s Dentures we understand the importance of well-fitting dentures. Our office in Holladay, Utah, features an on-site lab so we can get your denture reline done faster and easier than ever before. Whether you live in Rock Springs, Wyoming, or in Salt Lake County, contact us today for all of your denture needs!