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As you grow older your body naturally undergoes a variety of changes. Some individuals who struggle to maintain healthy daily oral hygiene practices are often at increased risk for suffering long-term problems such as tooth decay and periodontal disease.

As the years go by, bacteria living near or in the gumline can start to infiltrate the roots of the teeth, causing gum inflammation and the gradual erosion of healthy dental structure. Without prompt and effective treatment, this severe form of periodontal disease can start to compromise the roots of your teeth.

In some of these cases, so little of the original natural structure remains that the teeth cannot be easily treated or restored without invasive oral surgery. Patients suffering advanced oral attrition in one or both dental arches may need to have their compromised teeth extracted to prevent worsening complications.

Some individuals may need a single dental arch removed. In a case where terminal dentition has advanced to affect both the upper and lower dental arch, you may need to have the remainder of your teeth surgically extracted.

Once the affected gum tissues have started to heal, our denturist can begin the process of creating a complete denture. Sometimes referred to as false teeth, these removable oral appliances are made to closely match the shape and appearance of your original, natural teeth.

The pink base of the complete denture is created to look just like your natural gum tissue for a seamless appearance. It is shaped to comfortably match your existing jaw structure for a secure fit. Applying a modest line of denture adhesive can also provide added stability while keeping out food material and oral debris from your gums.

Consistent daily care is essential for maintaining your complete denture. Gentle brushing with a soft toothbrush and denture polish can help clear away plaque accumulation as well as any trapped food particles in the contours of the artificial teeth. Nightly soaking in a quality denture solution will further help to keep the complete denture fresh and free of oral yeast buildup.

Our denturist is always happy to answer any other care and cleaning questions you might have.

If you have been struggling with tooth loss related to chronic periodontal disease, you should consider giving our team a call to see if you are a good candidate for a complete denture. We look forward to helping you restore the look and function of your compromised teeth!