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When your complete or partial denture was originally created the base was designed according to intraoral scans or a detailed impression which allowed it to match the unique contours of your gums and the remaining periodontal structure of your mouth. The custom fit was intended to help hold the denture firmly in place to restore much of your essential oral function.

Yet as you age structural changes in your mouth can start to alter the once comfortable fit of your denture. An issue like this is even more likely if previous struggles with gum disease and tooth decay contributed to a loss of oral bone structure.

As the oral atrophy continues to progress it can cause your denture to feel loose or possible lead to uncomfortable rubbing between your gums and the denture’s base.

In a scenario like this you can turn to the services offered by Mark’s Denture lab in Holladay, Utah. After a comprehensive examination to assess the various factors of your mouth and the issue with your denture, our technicians might recommend a denture reline.

This simple and affordable procedure will essentially make minor edits to the base of the denture to help restore its firm and comfortable fit.

If you live in the area surrounding Holladay, Utah, and you have been having trouble with your complete or partial denture, you should call 801-277-3601 to set up an appointment at Mark’s Dentures.