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Complete and partial dentures are often needed for patients who have suffered the loss of multiple teeth. This typically calls for extracting whatever remains of the roots of the teeth to allow the periodontal structure to heal comfortably.

A traditional denture is typically based on the shape and characteristics of your existing oral structure. This type of denture tends to fit firmly of its own accord. However, many denture wearers also like to apply denture adhesive to help hold the removable dental appliance in place.

Another option to consider is having Mark’s Denture Lab provide you with a dental implant retained dentures. This calls for a minimally invasive oral surgery to install titanium dental implants into your underlying bone structure. The number of dental implants required will be based on the size of your denture, the available bone structure and other factors.

Once your gums have fully healed and the denture implants have integrated with the surrounding bone tissues it will provide very strong anchor points for securing the base of your denture. This can help replicate the original strength and feel of your natural teeth.

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