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If you are thinking of getting dentures but are worried about how stable they will be in your smile, maybe it is time to consider wearing implant-supported dentures as an effective solution for your missing teeth. Thanks to new technology in dental care, these dentures not only remain securely in place without slipping around, but they also have one of the highest success rates of any surgical devices that are implanted.

These advanced dentures promote the production of healthy bone tissue by simulating tooth roots to keep your jawbone from deteriorating and can even regenerate jaw bone, allowing your facial profile to remain full and youthful-looking. These dentures are sturdy and look and feel natural in your mouth. Taking care of implant-supported dentures is just like taking care of your own teeth, and with good care, can last a lifetime, making them a significant investment in your oral health. You can smile with confidence and enjoy your favorite foods without restriction. To be eligible for these technically advanced permanent dentures, you do need to have enough jawbone tissue to hold the implants.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures:

-Your speech and pronunciation remain the same
-You experience less irritation of your gum tissue and maintain healthier gums
-Unlike traditional dentures, you’ll have 3x the biting force to bite and chew your food normally
-You can digest your food as usual and maximize your absorption of nutrients
-You don’t need to use denture adhesive

Our technicians, Mark and Casey King look forward to helping you create the healthy-looking (and feeling) smiles of a lifetime. We welcome you to contact our Mark's Dentures team by calling 801-277-3601 today. We are excited to help you learn more about implant-supported dentures created in our on-site full lab in Holladay, Utah.