Are You a Good Candidate for Dentures? Here is How To Tell

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Are you a good candidate for Dentures? The answer isn’t straightforward, so you should keep reading to find out. 

Individuals who need dentures are among the projected 37.9 million people in 2020 who will get them. You may not think they are so common, but numbers suggest otherwise. 

Missing Teeth

If you find that you are missing teeth, It may be time to get dentures. Having missing teeth can weaken the jaw muscles and bones in your face. It can also cause difficulty eating and chewing food. If this is the case, your quality of life could drastically improve with a new set of dentures.

Irregular Dentist Check-Ups

Not going to the dentist regularly for cleanings and exams can lead to unwanted tooth issues. Gum disease, cavities, and other problems that should be dealt with quickly, may go undetected. Seeing a dentist each year is a start to being proactive about taking care of your teeth and decreasing the chances of you needing dentures in the future.

Loose Teeth

Living with loose teeth can be stressful and frustrating. Trying to chew and swallow food can become a difficult and daunting task. Not only this, but it can also become painful. You may end up needing to have a tooth (or teeth) removed. Gum disease is often termed the “ silent killer” because it can progress and go undetected-ultimately causing loose teeth. In this case, taking a look into what dentures would mean for you would be a worthwhile task.

Uncomfortable Smile

When you notice you are uncomfortable with other people seeing your teeth or your smile, you may be a good candidate for dentures. Missing teeth or gum disease can cause individuals to lose confidence and have low self esteem. Getting fitted for a personalized set of dentures can restore your confidence and give you back the carefree feeling of loving yourself and your smile- and sharing it with the world.

Tender, Red, Swollen Gums

Gum disease affects 3 out of 4 people. Tender gums that are red, swollen and bleeding- can be a sign of gum disease or gingivitis. If addressed in early stages at the dentist, gingivitis can be reversed with proper care and maintenance. If it is not, it can lead to bone decay and eventually tooth loss.

Tooth Pain

It can seem minor when you experience tooth pain, although it should be taken seriously. Tooth pain can be a sign of tooth decay. When treated timely by your dentist, it can be taken care of by placing a filling. If it is not caught in time, the treatment can end up costing you more out of pocket and will be more painful.

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