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Losing multiple teeth to untreated tooth decay or a significant dental fracture can have a major impact on your oral function and overall quality of life. When this happens your first thought likely turns to your potential dental restoration options.

Over the course of the last two decades, dental implants and dental implant supported bridges have continued to grow in popularity as an effective means for restoring a missing tooth.

Here at Mark’s Dentures, we are proud to be able to offer a variety of dental restoration options, including dental implant restorations, dental implant supported bridges, and dental implant supported dentures.

Since we are also a dental lab, we can produce the elements of a dental implant on site. This can help replace the tooth in a shorter amount of time than other dental restoration providers, who often need to outsource dental implant production to an off-site dental lab.

Installing the dental implants typically calls for a minimally invasive oral surgery to insert them into the underlying bone. In time they will fully fuse to the natural bone tissues to replicate the strength of natural dental roots.

If you live in the region surrounding Holladay, Utah, and you have lost multiple teeth, you should call 801-277-3601 to schedule a dental implant consultation appointment at Mark’s Dentures clinic.