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Your complete or partial denture was created to closely match your remaining gum structure. Depending on the size and location, some partial dentures also include special hardware components to help closely marry the dental appliance with the neighboring teeth.

As time goes on the underlying bone structure of your mouth can gradually start to change. This is even more likely to occur if the original cause of tooth loss was related to chronic periodontal disease. In a scenario such as this, a process known as oral atrophy can cause your denture to feel loose, or fit differently in your mouth.

Here at Mark’s Dentures located in Holladay, Utah some of our specialty services include denture creation, rebasing, realignment, and adjusting.

Sometimes a minor adjustment to a denture’s base can improve the relationship with your existing gum structure. This can help some areas to fit more firmly, or to address a problem area where the base of the denture was rubbing excessively on the periodontal tissues.

If necessary we can also make minor changes in the orientation and alignment of the denture to help it fit more comfortably with your bite pattern.

If you are having an issue with your complete or partial denture and you are in the Holladay, Utah, area, you should call 801-277-3601 to set up an adjustment consultation at Mark’s Dentures.