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Dentures are custom made from a detailed impression of your existing periodontal structure shortly after any necessary tooth extractions have been performed. This allows the pink medium that serves as the denture base to fit firmly and comfortably in your mouth.

As time goes on it is possible for gradual changes to develop in the bone structure beneath your gum tissues. This condition which is known as oral atrophy is sometimes related to the lack of physical relationship with the roots of your original teeth.

While applying excess denture adhesive might help hold your dentures in place, it isn’t an ideal solution.

Here at Mark’s Dentures we might be able to address the early stages of oral atrophy by performing a denture rebase. This simple treatment is designed to remake and effectively replace the pink medium of your denture. Once this is done the replacement teeth will be reinstalled into the pink acrylic to restore the comfortable firm fit, and basic function of your denture.

If necessary, our denture technicians can also realign specific teeth in the denture, or make any other minor adjustments to address sore spots that may have developed in the periodontal relationship.

If your denture no longer fits firmly and comfortably in your mouth, or you have been dealing with complications associated with the early stages of oral atrophy, you should call 801-277-3601 to schedule an appointment at Mark’s Dentures.