Do You Need Denture Repair? Here’s How To Tell

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Your dentures are an investment in your life and well-being, and over time, you may need a denture repair. 

Dentures are a beautiful and functional solution for missing or damaged teeth, allowing you to eat and smile and speak no matter what has happened to your teeth over the years. But getting dentures isn’t the end of the road. It’s important that you learn how to care for your dentures and notice the signs that you’re in need of denture repair. 

At Mark’s Dentures, we’ve repaired countless dentures, and we’ll help you understand the indicators of denture damage or misfits. 

7 Signs You Need Denture Repair

Sometimes, discomfort or pain is due to an acute event like eating something hard or illness affecting your ear, nose, mouth, and throat. Unless you know a short-term cause, when you experience any of the following, you should call our experts. 

1.You See Chips or Cracks. A chip or crack in dentures can be common and might exist for a while before you notice. Though your dentures will still function as normal, it’s important to get repairs early before the damage grows or requires a full replacement. 

2.You Feel Pain or Soreness. Pain or soreness, especially when chewing, may indicate bone reabsorption or misalignment of your dentures. 

3.You Struggle Chewing. The whole purpose of dentures is to allow your mouth to function normally despite damaged teeth. If you’re unable to chew effectively, you need to determine the cause and seek repair. 

4.Your Cheeks Look Sunken or Swollen. You know the sunken, hollow look of your cheeks when you don’t have dentures in place, so you should carefully examine your face when wearing your dentures as well. If you begin to notice hollowness or puffiness of your cheeks, it’s likely a problem with the size or alignment of your dentures. 

5.Your Dentures Don’t Fit Anymore. Over time you may experience a change in the fit of your dentures. Far too many patients try to suffer through dentures that aren’t staying properly sealed to the top teeth, or that cause sores due to tightness. Don’t try to bend, stretch, or twist your dentures. Come see our experts for a refitting. 

6.You Feel Gross. Properly fitting and caring for dentures isn’t gross—they’re a hygienic and helpful part of life. If you’re noticing bad breath, stains, or other gross features of your dentures it’s definitely time to consider new or repaired dentures. 

7.You Notice Gum Problems. If your gums are sensitive, bleeding, receding, or developing sores, it’s likely a problem with your dentures. These problems will grow and can cause permanent damage, so it’s important to correct the issues quickly. 

Affordable Dentures & Repairs with Mark’s Dentures

If you’re noticing any of these issues with your dentures, we can provide repairs that will make your dentures comfortable and functional once again. At Mark’s Dentures we specialize in quality dentures and affordable comfort. Reach out today to see what we can do for your dental situation, no matter your history or budget. Our office is located in Holladay, Utah, and we serve residents throughout Salt Lake County as far north as Evanston and Rock Springs, Wyoming!