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As with all new things, eating with partial dentures is a skill with a bit of a learning curve, but it’s definitely possible. 

That being said, it’s perfectly normal to need to adjust and gradually become comfortable eating while wearing dentures, and it’s not a bad thing at all.

Here are some tips and tricks you’ll want to put to use when you eat with partial dentures.

Have Patience

Any time we introduce something new, there is some kind of adjustment period, and wearing dentures is no different. Allow yourself time to adjust, and be patient with the fact it will take some time to get used to dentures. For many patients, this is only a matter of a few weeks. Once you’ve adjusted to wearing, removing, and caring for your partial dentures, they will become part of your daily habits and require hardly any thought at all.

Start with Soft Foods

The point of dentures is to allow you to have the normal functions you’re used to with natural teeth. Eventually you’ll be able to bite and chew comfortably while wearing partial dentures, and eat your favorite foods. In the beginning, as you’re adjusting, it’s helpful to eat soft foods for the first few days or the first week. Cooked vegetables, eggs, cereal, and fish are all great options for soft foods.

Avoid Problematic Foods

Eventually you’ll be able eat nearly all of your favorite foods again, even chewier or harder foods. But there are a few foods that tend to be problematic with dentures, and should be avoided. These include:

  • Popcorn
  • Sticky or hard candy
  • Steak and ribs
  • Peanut butter

Once you’ve adjusted to eating with your partial dentures, you can attempt some of these, but proceed with caution. Fortunately, that’s a small list of no-no’s, and a limitless supply of foods that are great for eating with partial dentures.

Properly Maintain

Taking proper care of your partial dentures is key, both for keeping them comfortable, and for helping them to last. Food particles and bacteria can easily collect on your dentures, so it’s important to regularly remove them and brush with a soft toothbrush or denture brush. Keep your partial dentures in water overnight, to protect them from dropping or damage, and to keep them clean. Also make sure to still brush and floss your natural teeth properly, to avoid the spread of any bacteria that way.

Keep Them Fitted

As you adjust to wearing partial dentures, the fit may change slightly as your gums and mouth fluctuate. You can use a denture adhesive to help keep them from moving around in your mouth too much and causing discomfort, but stay in touch with your dentist to make any adjustments in the fit. A good, firm fit will help prevent any sores or oral discomfort from developing.

Come to Mark’s Dentures

Eating with partial dentures will become second nature in no time, provided you have great-fitting dentures. At Mark’s Dentures, we have a fully-equipped onsite lab for incredible efficiency in getting your custom fit. We provide quality service to Holladay, Utah and all the surrounding areas, including the Salt Lake Valley, Magna, Tooele, and even Rock Springs, Wyoming. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.