There are Various Ways to Repair or Adjust a Denture

Your partial or complete denture represents a functional and aesthetic solution for addressing missing or compromised teeth. When they were originally produced by our contracted denturist the base of the removable oral appliance was designed to comfortably conform to your remaining oral structure. The teeth founded in place have been... Read more »

A Partial Denture Can Restore a Smile Marred by Missing Teeth

If you have lost one or more front teeth to a dental injury or untreated tooth decay, the missing tooth has likely done more than just hamper your ability to eat properly. Indeed, many people who are missing teeth also experience issues related to their outward appearance, which leads them... Read more »

A Complete Denture Can Replace the Teeth in a Full Dental Arch

As you grow older your body naturally undergoes a variety of changes. Some individuals who struggle to maintain healthy daily oral hygiene practices are often at increased risk for suffering long-term problems such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. As the years go by, bacteria living near or in the... Read more »

A Denture Reline Can Help Your Existing Denture to Fit Comfortably

When your complete or partial denture was originally created the base was designed according to intraoral scans or a detailed impression which allowed it to match the unique contours of your gums and the remaining periodontal structure of your mouth. The custom fit was intended to help hold the denture... Read more »

Your Complete Denture Will Benefit Daily Care and Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Your complete denture plays an important role in restoring the essential function of your missing and compromised teeth. Providing the oral appliance with some daily care and good oral hygiene habits will go a long way toward preserving its life while allowing for a comfortable fit. Every complete denture created... Read more »

Minor Adjustments Can Help Your Denture Fit Comfortably

A complete or partial denture is often the preferred option for individuals needing to replace their missing or compromised teeth. In many of these cases the patient might also have suffered the loss bone structure, making a dental implant supported denture counter-indicated. The removable oral appliance will be designed to... Read more »

There Are Different Options for Addressing Multiple Missing Teeth

The loss of a single tooth can have a profound negative impact on your basic oral function and the appearance of your mouth. These problems can become exponentially more difficult if you lose multiple teeth in one area to untreated tooth decay or chronic gum disease. Here at Mark’s Dentures... Read more »

Your Partial Denture Will Benefit From Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Your new partial denture plays an important role in restoring the essential function of your mouth. These oral appliances created at Mark’s Denture Lab are designed to match the natural contours of your existing gum structure. Some partial dentures also include special hardware components to help connect them comfortably with... Read more »

An Implant Retained Denture Can Replicate the Strength of Natural Teeth

Complete and partial dentures are often needed for patients who have suffered the loss of multiple teeth. This typically calls for extracting whatever remains of the roots of the teeth to allow the periodontal structure to heal comfortably. A traditional denture is typically based on the shape and characteristics of... Read more »

A Damaged Denture Needs to Be Addressed

Partial and complete dentures are made from special materials that are designed to replicate the basic appearance and essential function of your missing teeth. They are often an effective option for people who have suffered tooth loss related to severe periodontal disease, dental trauma or long-term issues with tooth decay.... Read more »