Heres Why Only Professionals Should Repair Your Dentures

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When your dentures break at an inconvenient time, it might seem appealing to repair your dentures yourself. 

After all, there are do-it-yourself kits available at the pharmacy, so what’s the problem with taking matters into your own hands? As it turns out, this probably isn’t the best idea, as we’ll examine below.

Here’s why you should always turn to a professional for denture repair.

Common Issues That Require Repair

For dentures to function properly, it’s important to keep them in good repair. Through daily use, however, several common problems can crop up, prompting the need for a repair:

  • Drops or impacts. Dropping dentures can cause damage, as the impact causes cracks, dislodged teeth, or even breaks. Carefully examine the dentures if they have been dropped, to make sure no cracks have developed, requiring a repair.
  • Loosened fit. It’s not uncommon for dentures to fall out of the mouth while talking or eating, if the fit is too loose. Keeping the dentures in place while going about these daily activities can be a challenge, causing changes to biting and chewing, and creating bigger issues.
  • Misalignment. When dentures are misaligned, it can cause them to grind together and have pressure points in the wrong places, leading to weakened or broken dentures.

It Pays to Have a Professional Repair Your Dentures

There is certainly an urgency about fixing your dentures if they’ve cracked or broken. Not having a functioning denture appliance significantly impacts day-to-day life, whether eating or talking. It may seem like a good idea to purchase an over-the-counter repair kit to fix the denture yourself. However, even if it is meant to be a temporary fix until you can get to the dentist, repairing your own dentures can do more harm than good. Here are some compelling reasons to only allow a professional to repair any denture issues:

  • Adjusting or bending any metal attachments, whether intentionally or accidentally, can cause major damage to the appliance. 
  • Mending the denture using a repair kit may mask smaller internal cracks or fractures, causing misalignment. Although it may appear to be fixed, these more sophisticated problems could persist, causing more damage, discomfort, and even poorer oral health in the long run.
  • A denture professional has expertise in diagnosing the potential issues with the appliance. While they can fix obvious cracks or breaks, in the acrylic resin of the denture appliance, they can also analyze what might be causing the cracks, or where pain points might be. Teeth wearing down in one specific area might tell them there is a misalignment, or there is too much pressure being applied.
  • Dental professionals always have the overall oral health of the individual in mind. They can check for inflammation or pain in the gums, and make adjustments to correctly fit the dentures. 

Call Mark’s Dentures

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