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When your custom partial or complete denture was originally made, it was designed to match a detailed impression of your existing periodontal structure. This allows for a firm yet comfortable fit.

However, as time goes on it’s possible for minor changes to occur in the bone structure of your mouth or with the dynamic shape of your denture. This can cause the base of the denture to rub excessively on your gums or cause the artificial teeth to meet improperly when you bite down.

In many of these cases the denture professionals at Mark’s Dentures in Holladay, Utah, can make minute adjustments to an existing denture. This could include realigning the teeth, realigning the base or performing a full denture adjustment.

Which technique is best for you will depend on the specific nature and severity of the problem with your denture.

If you are having trouble with daily cleaning and maintenance our team can also help you understand simple techniques to help clean the removable dental appliance. This might also help improve the fit and comfort when the denture is installed in your mouth.

If you are having a problem with your partial or complete denture, you should call 801-277-3601 to schedule an appointment at Mark’s Denture Lab in Holladay, Utah.