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A complete or partial denture is often needed to replace multiple teeth lost to severe periodontal disease tooth decay or injury.


Some individuals who have lost a significant number of teeth may opt for a removable denture to restore the basic function of their teeth. As time goes on, the shape of a person’s mouth may change, or the denture may begin to change its shape, or simply being to show the effects of daily wear and tear. As a result, it may not fit as well as it did originally.  


If this is the case for you, the dental restoration specialists at Mark’s Dentures might be able to adjust your denture to accommodate dental implants. In addition to altering your dentures, you will have two or more dental implants placed in your jaw in a minimally invasive oral surgery. Once the titanium implants have been placed and have healed, your denture can be interlocked with them.


This will help replicate the natural strength and feel of your original teeth, while also maintaining a comfortable fit for your dentures. In some cases, we may need to rebase your dentures to improve their natural fit and alignment.


If you have grown dissatisfied with your removable denture and you are interested in dental implant supports for a stronger, more natural feel, you should call 801-277-3601 to set up a consultation with Mark’s Dentures.