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Dentures are a great way to replace the missing teeth in your smile. Dentures are easy to clean, can be removed for comfort or when you go to sleep, and can often be made or replaced in a single day. You may believe that once you have your prosthetic teeth, the days of brushing are behind you. That is not quite the case. You will still have to brush and clean your teeth, you will just be doing it in a different way.

Dentures can accumulate food particles and even bacteria during the day. This is particularly true when it comes to the area between your dentures and your lower gums and your upper palate. You should clean your dentures at least once a day.

To properly clean your dentures, use a toothbrush with soft bristles or a denture brush. Regular toothpastes contain abrasives that will scratch the denture material, so it is best to use dish soap, hand soap or a toothpaste formulated to clean dentures. Scrub them very gently over a towel or a sink full of water to lessen the chances that they will break if you drop them.

Remember that you should take your dentures out for at least four hours every day, and it is not recommended that you sleep in your dentures. But you should not put them in the medicine cabinet or in a drawer. They need to be kept moist so that they retain their shape. The best way to do that is to soak them in a denture solution.

You may drop them at some point, or the shape of your mouth may change, and your dentures may no longer fit, or they might break just from daily wear. You should never adjust your dentures on your own and you should not fix your dentures. Household adhesives contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body. Your dentist can adjust, repair, or replace your dentures.

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