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The loss of a single tooth can have a profound negative impact on your basic oral function and the appearance of your mouth. These problems can become exponentially more difficult if you lose multiple teeth in one area to untreated tooth decay or chronic gum disease.

Here at Mark’s Dentures we understand these challenges and we offer several options to help restore your oral function and overall quality of life. The cause and characteristics associated with your tooth loss will factor into the option that is best for you.

A partial denture is essentially just a smaller version of a complete denture. The oral appliance can be installed and removed at a moment’s notice. It includes replicating teeth set into a pink base that mirrors the appearance of your natural gum tissues.

A fixed implant-supported denture calls for a simple outpatient procedure to insert dental implants into the underlying bone structure. Once the titanium material has fused in place we can provide you with a special denture designed to lock with the dental implants. When it’s installed in your mouth it will replicate the natural strength and appearance of your missing teeth.

If you live in the area surrounding Holladay, Utah, and you are missing multiple teeth, you should call 801-277-3601 to set up a consultation appointment at Mark’s Dentures.