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Many patients find they can effectively replace missing teeth with dental implants because these dental restorations provide a permanent and fixed solution to tooth loss. The surgical placement of dental implants into your jawbone allows Dr. Casey King to provide support to your new tooth and its surrounding tissue structures. One of the unique benefits of dental implants is that they function, look, and feel like natural teeth. Furthermore, they can be custom designed to match the color and shape of the surrounding teeth.

We are pleased to offer three reasons why dental implants could be right for your smile:

1. Greater durability: Implants are designed to be strong and offer a long-term solution that other dental restorations can’t provide.
2. Healthier bones: Space in your jaw following the loss of one or more teeth can lead to deterioration in the jawbone, causing your bones to become unhealthy. This can affect the remaining teeth in your mouth, allowing them to shift out of place. A dental implant secures the jawbone and keeps your smile healthy and strong.
3. Stronger teeth: Unlike dentures and other dental restorations, dental implants can’t shift out of place when you are smiling, eating, and speaking.

There are many wonderful advantages of receiving dental implants, and we invite you to look into receiving dental implants in Holladay, Utah, if you feel they are right for you. Come speak with our dentist about dental implants. Call 801-277-3601 today!