Top 6 Benefits of Partial Dentures

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There are a few different avenues to take when replacing missing teeth, partial dentures being one of them. 

Here we are discussing the top 6 benefits of partial dentures so you can decide if they are the right fit for you.

1.Less Invasive

Partial dentures do not require surgery or any other invasive technique if you have missing teeth you want to replace. Once you are fitted and a set is made, they easily pop in and out of your mouth providing a replacement tooth (or teeth) as you need it.

2.Budget Friendly

When looking at other options to have missing teeth replaced, these dentures are a less expensive option to consider. Generally, these dentures can range anywhere from $500.00-$1500.00. Getting a single tooth replaced can cost upwards of 2X that amount or more.

3.Maintain Gum + Teeth Health

Having missing teeth in your mouth and not replacing them, can lead to a weakened jaw and additional teeth problems. By getting fitted for partial dentures, you keep your gums and teeth healthy for the long haul. There is even bite pressure reestablished and less chance of your physical appearance changing as well due to the missing teeth.

4.Long Term & Temporary Fix

These dentures are versatile. If you need them to serve as a permanent fix for your unique situation then they can do the job. If you need them to fill in as a temporary fix while you find alternative options they can do that as well. Whatever function you need them to perform, they are up for the challenge.

5.One or More Missing Teeth

Whether you need to replace one tooth, or you need to replace five- partial dentures can do it all. Depending on the type of material you use in your dentures, you can add more teeth down the road if you lose more of your original teeth.

6.Different Options to Choose From

There are three separate kinds of partial dentures that you can choose from; Flexible, Plastic, and Metal. Plastic or Acrylic Partial Dentures are the most affordable and easiest to adjust. Flexible Dentures are going to be a bit more expensive but they are lightweight and look more natural in tune with your gums. Metal Partial Dentures are the most common type of partial dentures. They are equipped with the versatility of precision attachments or metal attachments.

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