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If you have lost multiple teeth and are wearing full or partial dentures to restore your healthy, beautiful smile, you already know how important it is that they fit comfortably so you can speak and chew normally. When creating dentures, our denturist, Dr. Mark and Casey King, make sure the denture conforms to the contours of your mouth and shapes it to work effectively within your bite pattern.

As you wear the denture, gradually the denture fitting will change and loosen, this happens from something called oral atrophy which arises from the changes in your dental arch over time. As the bone structure alters it changes how the denture base fits with the oral bone material and your gum tissues.

If this is happening to you, we can make changes to get your denture fitting back to normal. To correct a change in your fit, we have several options for you.

Some people will find that putting extra denture adhesive can keep the oral appliance staying in position again. But this doesn’t always help, especially if your jaw bone and gum tissue deteriorate too much. If it becomes too severe, it may require surgery to repair, but if the alterations are minimal, adjusting the denture base and perhaps the false teeth alignment can restore your ideal fit.

Our denturist can perform a reline procedure to help the base of the denture (complete or partial) fit correctly again, particularly if you have low to moderate atrophy, and adjusting a single or multiple teeth to fit comfortably. However, if the teeth have cracks or chips they may need to be replaced. If any of the clasps on the denture are loose, bent, or damaged, they will need to be fixed, or in the case of excessive damage, replaced. Of course, if you have severe changes in your oral tissue and bone our denturist may have to rebase the appliance, after which the false teeth will be refit into a modified base to align with your current oral structure.

Are you having fit issues with your complete or partial denture? If so, please call our team at Mark’s Dentures in Holladay, Utah, at 801-277-3601 so our denturist can take a look and modify it for you. We want to make sure your fit is comfortable and fully functioning, so you can speak, chew and smile with confidence!