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As dentures are worn, the fit and comfort can change over time, prompting a denture reline procedure. 

It’s normal for gums to change and adjust, and a realignment is a simple solution. When a tooth is removed, the surrounding bone begins to deteriorate, and the shape of the gum line and jaw changes. This shifting causes dentures to fit less securely, which can cause pain and discomfort. Relining the denture is a procedure that should happen regularly to maximize both comfort and effectiveness.

What is a Denture Realignment?

This procedure reshapes the underside of the denture, so that it more closely matches the shape of the gums. Adjusting in this way makes the dentures more comfortable for the wearer, and improves their grip in the mouth. There are two types of reline procedures: hard and soft. A hard denture reline uses a durable material to add depth to the denture. 

Many times, this is done in a lab due to the materials used, and this procedure typically lasts years longer than a soft reline. A soft reline uses a liquid polymer, and is a quick procedure that can take place in the dentist’s office. It is often preferable for new denture wearers as it is more comfortable on their more sensitive gums. Soft relines do not last as long as hard relines due to the softer material used.

What You Can Expect During the Procedure

The type of reline you choose directly affects what your experience will be. During a soft denture reline procedure, which can be performed chairside, the dentist will make an impression within the denture itself. The soft polymer used for this bonds to the inner surface of the denture. This procedure is quick, and can provide immediate improvement in comfort. A hard reline also uses an impression of the mouth, but in this case, it is used to create a model. 

The stone cast model is then used to form the hard reline in the lab, using more durable materials that must be cured. It is recommended that you have your dentures professionally relined every 1-2 years to maintain their comfort and fit. Improperly cared for dentures can lead to pain and soreness, and even inflammation. In this case, a temporary relinement may be needed to allow the inflammation and swelling to subside and make it possible to create a proper fit.

Let Mark’s Dentures Help You Have the Best Possible Experience

An experienced dentist or denturist can help you determine which type of denture reline procedure is best for you. At Mark’s Dentures, our dental practice and full lab are in the same convenient Holladay, Utah location, keeping our realignment procedures easy and affordable. When you visit our office, your safety and comfort will be our main priority. 

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