Why Denture Repair Kits Just Don’t Get The Job Done?

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If you are considering a DIY solution for your dentures or using denture repair kits, here are a few points to consider. Let’s face it, accidents happen–even dentures can break or crack.

Continue reading to learn about why these repair kits may not be the best solution for your oral health.

Type of Break

Depending on the type of break your dentures endured will depend on how you treat the issue. Consider what resources you have in your vicinity to be able to fix them yourself. Would fixing the dentures at home creates another problem down the line? Take into account comfortability and fit. If the glue you use or the end product of fixing your dentures gives you cuts or sores in your mouth because it doesn’t fit right any longer, you would want to reconsider an at-home fix.

Quick Fixes

Generally, you will be able to tell if the break you are experiencing with your dentures is a small and easy fix. If you feel you can make a quick adjustment to your dentures that will last safely until you can get into your specialist to be seen, you might consider making the adjustment. If you feel like the fix at home will take hours, and may not last—you would want to forgo any DIY denture repair kits at home.

Long-Term Fixes

Usually, if your dentures break, it will need to be replaced or fixed professionally in a matter of time. Unless you have the schooling and qualifications, any fix you perform in the comfort of your own home should not be temporary. A permanent fix should be performed by your denture specialists to ensure the proper fit and comfort for your mouth. You will be able to tell by the break in your dentures, how long your at-home fix can last you until you need to be seen for a long term fix.

Household Tools + Products

Consider the options you have in your home to fix your dentures. Chances are, the glue you have is probably not safe to be consumed or even put in your mouth. If you decide to try to fix your dentures quickly by yourself, finding a denture repair kit at your local grocery store would be your best bet. These kits will include safe items you can use to fix your dentures. Even with a denture repair kit, remember this is a temporary fix. Permanently fixing your dentures will involve setting up an appointment with your denture specialist.

Calling Your Denture Specialist

In certain circumstances, you might need to fix your dentures yourself because your Dental office is closed or you can’t get a same-day appointment. You don’t have to try to play repair man alone. Give your dental specialist a call and let them know what happened and ask them what you can use and do at home until you can be seen in their office.

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