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Your complete denture plays an important role in restoring the essential function of your missing and compromised teeth. Providing the oral appliance with some daily care and good oral hygiene habits will go a long way toward preserving its life while allowing for a comfortable fit.

Every complete denture created at Mark’s Denture Lab is designed to closely match the natural oral structure of the patient’s mouth. Even with this firm and comfortable fit, many denture users like to apply a little denture adhesive when they install it each morning.

Any time you take your denture out you should thoroughly rinse the base to clear away any residual denture adhesive. You should then lightly dry it with a clean paper towel before reinstalling it in your mouth.

You should never sleep with your denture in your mouth, as it could damage the unit or potentially leave excess bacterial deposits in your mouth. You should remove the oral appliance every evening and rinse it thoroughly under running water to remove lingering food debris and loose plaque.

You should then gently brush all surfaces of the denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a modest amount of denture polish of non-abrasive toothpaste. You should soak it in a denture solution and store it in a safe location.

If you were recently provided with a complete denture from Mark’s Denture Lab in Holladay, Utah, and you have a problem with the oral appliance, you can always call 801-277-3601 to speak to one of our helpful representatives.