Although some patients eventually need to replace their dentures, extending the life of dentures is possible with regular repairs and maintenance. At Mark’s Dentures, we provide denture repairs in Holladay, Utah, to help keep your dentures functional and your smile confident and beautiful. We invite you to call us to learn more about denture repairs and to schedule an appointment with our dentists and technician.

Common denture repairs include denture rebasing, relines and denture adjustments.

  • Denture rebase: The repair involves remaking and replacing the pink acrylic of your denture (the part that holds your teeth in place) completely. After denture rebasing, your replacement teeth are placed in a new base.
  • Denture reline: This repair is a resurfacing of the portion of your denture that is in contact with the soft tissues in your mouth. Denture relining is intended to help your denture fit more securely.
  • Adjustment: This is a simple repair for when you get a sore spot from your denture rubbing up against your gums or other oral tissue. Our team can make adjustments to relieve your discomfort and improve the fit of your denture.

Give us a call today at 801-277-3601 to learn more about denture repairs and to make an appointment with Dr. Joshua Frick and Casey King here at Mark’s Dentures. We can perform many repairs while you wait.