In the hopes of restoring your full smile and chewing abilities, Dr. Joshua Frick, Mark King and Casey King may suggest snap-on dentures in Holladay, Utah. These revolutionary dentures are much different than traditional dentures in that they sit and snap over the head of mini dental implants set into your jawbone.

Because the denture is removable, you can snap it on and off whenever you want. The “snap” or “clip” happens when you press them against the head of your mini implants. The benefits to snap-on implant dentures are stability, a strong bite, a more comfortable fit, the ability to remove them if necessary and more. Traditional dentures can cause sore gums, pain and slippage issues, but with snap-on dentures, those issues are eliminated.

Other benefits to implant dentures are:

  • No denture adhesive necessary to keep the dentures from slipping out
  • No issues with speaking, laughing, coughing or eating
  • Confidence to smile wide again
  • No palate cover, meaning the dentures are not pushed up on the palate of your mouth, only snapped and hooked over the head of the implant
  • Ability to sit gently over your gums
  • Ability to chew hard foods, such as carrots, apples, nuts, etc.

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