To replace missing teeth, our denture team may recommend a dental prosthetic in the form of fixed implant dentures. We can help restore your smile at Mark’s Dentures when you get an appointment with Dr. Joshua Frick, Mark King and Casey King. These types of dentures are a fixed solution, meaning you do not remove them nightly as with traditional dentures. There are many benefits to fixed implant dentures in Holladay, Utah, which include:

  • Ability to eat and have functionality such as you would have with your own natural teeth
  • A solid, stable foundation for life
  • Prevention of bone and gum loss and preservation of your facial appearance
  • The fixed solution that does not require removal to clean
  • Full restoration of chewing capabilities
  • More comfortable than traditional dentures
  • Stronger dentures, since a dental implant is used to support the teeth for a lifetime and should not slip or result in gum shrinking
  • No need for refitting or a replacement
  • Lifelike appearance, so no one should notice

To learn more and consult with our dentists and technicians, we invite you to contact us at 801-277-3601 and set up an appointment. Our denture team is dedicated to restoring your smile and full chewing abilities with fixed implant dentures, so please reach out today! We hope to hear from you soon!